Homely warmth is one of our basic needs. It can be produced both economically and ecologically. HT Enerco offers equipment under its Tulimax brand for wood pellets heating systems and other solid biofuel based heating systems. The product range covers both one family houses and industrial and farming applications in the power range 15 - 1000 kW


HT Enerco is is a family owned company in Central Finland engaged in the use of solid biofuels.

We make boilers designed specially to be fitted with burners for solid bio fuels (wood chips, pellets, peat, grain, cascara e.t.c.). Our boilers can be fitted with all burners on the market in the Nordic Countries.

We offer boilers in the range of 15kW - 1000kW. We also make some smaller pellets burners.

We have also a wide range of additional equipment. Including e.g. extra digital Thermoboxes for even more accurate control of the boilers/burners and automatic, air shock wave automatic cleaning for boilers from 80kW up.